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Collection of collisions with aliens

 Although it has entered 2012, we still have not been able to clearly explain the true meaning of the Mayan prophecy.Before entering 2012, bizarre events occurred frequently around the world.They hap

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Characteristics of industrial fence

Characteristics of industrial fence

Characteristics of industrial fenceIndustrial fences (such as factory fences, commercial site fences), agricultural fences (such as field fences, livestock fences), and civil fences (such as building

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Are there aliens in the alien system?

There are many instances of aliens found on the earth, but there is no conclusive evidence about aliens, and I think the universe is vast and boundless, and there should be aliens:<br> First of all, o

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Earth is the garden of aliens?

According to a report by the Russian "Pravda" on the 7th, Frank Drake, the father of American research on extraterrestrial civilization and the creator of the "SETI" project, believes that there are a

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